Global Sourcing

Our Promise

NWASMG identifies and meets your individual needs for production and product development. When sourcing is required, we work with qualified factories in the US and overseas that already produce for major retailers and manufacturers.

What We Offer

  • Sourcing from Quality Factories (USA Approved factories, Comply with SGS, BV, InterTech and ICTI requirements)
  • Price Negotiations
  • Adjust your specs to meet key cost to drive volume at key retails
  • Factory Audits
  • Take your idea or design to the next level with product development partnering with key factories
  • Pre-production Inspection
  • Final production inspections
  • 3rd party audits during manufacturing

Our Team Can Take You There

Our relationships with these factories give us the opportunity to supply better costing, strong product development and quality manufacturing with on-time delivery. Our support team both in the USA market and in China can assess your needs and meet your request, qualifications, and specifications.

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